Thursday, August 21, 2008

Do You Remember U68?

This was the greatest channel ever.  It was a Music Video Channel on UHF television.   I remember staying up late to watch the Metal Power Hour and then the channel would go off the air.  They even played the national anthem when they went off the air.

It was an independent station (sort of) that would eventually be bought, sold, changed, etc...   It was a very sad day when it became a Home Shopping Channel.   I remember me and neighborhood friend Darren Weins used to call our local cable company and just say "put U68 back on !!" and hang up .   It was our version of "I want my MTV".  (BTW U68 played much better videos).   Meanwhile, it turned out the actual station WWHT became Home Shopping so it had nothing to do with the cable company.  Enjoy this classic U68 Promo


Brian Long said...

It was the only station at the time that played stuff like Slayer and Razor!!! They even played stuff like Zebra and Black Sabbath songs besides Paranois and Iron Man!!!

Ahhh! The memories!

Yahuwshua Is Our Rock said...

At the moment I was discussing this unforgotten channel with my son. U68 good memories.