Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Greatest Facebook Status From A Friend Marking Her 1 Year Anniversary of Being Diagnosed With Cancer

This is a FB status post from my most awesome-ist friend on her one year anniversary of being diagnosed with cancer.  Most importantly she caught it quick, had surgery, proton therapy, targeted radiation and a lil' bit of chemo and is doing just fine.  And God-willing will continue doing just fine without any further issues.

"F you cancer. Exactly one year later, I’m still here. You suck and I hate you. But guess what? I was born with my glass half full. And yes, I can find something good in the horrible experience you forced me to go through. I am happier. I live every minute richer. My brain may be fuzzy at times (I am human!) but now there is a clarity to my soul that I cannot explain in words. I experience things in a way that is way more meaningful and I have ZERO patience for people and things that bring me down. All because of you, bitch. My heart beats stronger and my soul is deeper. When I close my eyes I see every detail of my children’s faces and it sends me over the moon. I understand that life is fragile, precious, beautiful, awful, scary and amazing all at the same time. I have empathy beyond empathy. So go on, shadow me if you must for the rest of my life- however long God decides that shall be. Because THAT is up to Him, not you."