Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Greatest Facebook Status From A Friend Marking Her 1 Year Anniversary of Being Diagnosed With Cancer

This is a FB status post from my most awesome-ist friend on her one year anniversary of being diagnosed with cancer.  Most importantly she caught it quick, had surgery, proton therapy, targeted radiation and a lil' bit of chemo and is doing just fine.  And God-willing will continue doing just fine without any further issues.

"F you cancer. Exactly one year later, I’m still here. You suck and I hate you. But guess what? I was born with my glass half full. And yes, I can find something good in the horrible experience you forced me to go through. I am happier. I live every minute richer. My brain may be fuzzy at times (I am human!) but now there is a clarity to my soul that I cannot explain in words. I experience things in a way that is way more meaningful and I have ZERO patience for people and things that bring me down. All because of you, bitch. My heart beats stronger and my soul is deeper. When I close my eyes I see every detail of my children’s faces and it sends me over the moon. I understand that life is fragile, precious, beautiful, awful, scary and amazing all at the same time. I have empathy beyond empathy. So go on, shadow me if you must for the rest of my life- however long God decides that shall be. Because THAT is up to Him, not you."

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Things I Think When I Watch the Walking Dead

Zombies skulls are really fragile -  I can understand a rotted zombie that's been roaming around since the start of the plague having a sensitive cranium but even "new" zombies die from head blows less severe than ones I get bumping my head in the shower.

Why don't they just fence out the zombies again?  It seemed to work for a little while at the prison and at the Governor's town and at Terminus?  Just fence off an area and plant veggies !  Why do the survivors keep choosing to roam the woods?

Does is ever rain?  or Snow?  What are Minnesotans doing during this zombie apocalypse? A frost-bitten zombie would be a great visual addition to the show.

Jawless and handless zombies worked.  Why not try again?  I miss Michonne's domesticated walkers.  Just because they died doesn't mean you can find another 2 or 64 zombies to keep on a leash to ward off the rest?

Do fat people not become zombies?  Yet again, fat people apparently don't survive either.
I guess there was one

Are people that mean?  Would the only remaining survivors of earth really be that mean to each other?  Surely there are a few people that would band together and form a new village or something without a) becoming canabals b) following a deranged dictatorial meglamaniac c) having zombie gladiator fights d) attacking former military and government figures

Apparently kids don't become zombies too often either

The creators of Walking Dead have to be wrestling fans?  Rosita? or AJ Lee? Abraham? or is it Sheamus?
AJ Rosita
Rosita Lee

Sheamus Ford
Abraham Sheamus