Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I am Staring a Blog

If you are finding this via Hometown Tales you might be saying "isn't there a hometown tales blog and man it's not updated very often"

Yes, that's true but the reason why I am starting my own blog is that I noticed I was being a little pretentious with the HT blog and often just posting things about myself. Truth is, Minogue (my cohort in Hometown Tales) doesn't get too into the social media thing, (honestly he keeps plenty busy just trying to answer emails which I never find time to do so no complaints there) - I was pretty good with the blog but really noticed in the effort of update the Hometown Tales blog often I was forcing very "gene" things, personal things that really had nothing to do with tales, ghosts, myths, etc... While I plan to more diligently post on the HT blog I figured I'd also have a personal one where I can rant about useless things, relevant things regarding my career, technology, social media and other professional items. Some of you may also be reading this because you know me professionally and are interested in some Digital Marketing, Social Media, Online Promotions or other related tidbits. I am a partner and Managing Director in an Digital Marketing and Online Promotions company, DataPositive (shameless plug) and we do try and stress our commitment to social media.

Ok so also, many of my friends have blogs (i.e. Scott Cocchiere) and I love it but he only updates once every 8 months and I just want to boast how I blog more than he.

So stay tuned, here we go, The Gene Fitzpatrick blog.