Thursday, September 4, 2008

Presidential Fun

What a month of television. First the Olympics, then the Democratic National Convention and the Republican National Convention. Unfortunately, no channel covered the Ron Paul Convention and H. Ross Perot doesn't run for president anymore. If that were the case I'd never get any sleep from all the late night television.

If you follow Hometown Tales, you might know that both Bryan (co-host and co-creator of Hometown Tales) and I are big fans of history. Admittedly this is as a hobby and we are far from experts. I am also a huge fan of American Presidents. I somewhat pride myself in being able to rattle off all the presidents back to at least Grover Cleveland's first term. So the presidential election is usually pretty exciting TV. This year, we even had the privilege to turn down a Presidential Candidate as a sponsor for Hometown Tales. We were asked if we would run a sponsor spot for Barrack Obama. Ok, so Obama himself didn't Skype me and beg for some ad time but as part of Wizzard Media's ad program we were "approached" as I'm sure many Podcasts and Vidcasts were. Don't get me wrong I have nothing against Obama. But I think anyone who listens to Hometown Tales would agree that we have no business endorsing a political position or person. However, what I will gladly do is ramble off some fun "hometown tale"-like political anecdotes and facts about American Presidents. And these are facts I actually know on my own, not just swiping it from some Presidential Trivia page. I hope I'm right.

- Since 1900 only 2 Presidents have come directly from a Senate seat to the Presidency. Both John McCain and Barrack Obama could do the same.

- Teddy Roosevelt was the youngest president to ever hold office at age 42, John F. Kennedy was the youngest elected at age 43.

- Honest Abe Lincoln was the tallest president at 6"4'.

- George Washington grew marijuana on his farm and was an advocate of it's use as hemp and a soil stabilizer.

- Fourteen presidents were freemasons (neither Obama or McCain are)

- George Washington also introduced the mule to America.

- President Gerald Ford was the only President to never be elected. He was appointed as Vice President during Nixon's term then took over after Nixon resigned. Sounds like a great conspiracy.

- President George Washington was the only President to actually suit up and command federal troops into conflict during his presidential term. This was during the Whiskey Rebellion. Read more here.

- President Andrew Jackson was the only President to deliberately ignore a ruling by the Supreme Court. This resulted in the "Trail of Tears" and the removal of Native Americans from the Eastern United States. Countless documents and treaties, some signed by George Washington, were produced by representatives for the tribes. These treaties granted Native Americans the right to remain in U.S. territory.

- Eighth President, Martin Van Buren was the first to offer a Executive interview to a reporter.

- Camp David was established by Dwight Eisenhower and named after his grandson.

- Both John F Kennedy and Abe Lincoln were elected to congress 100 years apart, both were elected president 100 years apart, both last names contain 7 letters and both were shot on a friday in the head. Lincoln's secretary was named Kennedy and Kennedy's named Lincoln.

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