Thursday, December 11, 2008

Bicycling Hall of Fame

I attended my local county's Freeholder meeting last night. First, I attended the budget session asking the public for input on the County Budget. Like everywhere, next year will be a very challenging year for the county as well as the state and nation. Real Estate is down, (duh, all markets are down) so the county's revenue is also way down which makes an interesting situation ahead.

However, after the budget meeting, I also attending the regular freeholder public meeting. I found it interesting to know that Morristown, NJ is pursuing the opportunity to house the Bicycling Hall of Fame. Who knew, Morristown, NJ could eventually be the home of such a thing. The ironic part is that it currently is in Somerville, NJ. Another small great NJ town.

While there were no discussions of Morris County Freeholder pledging funding support, they all agreed to support in principle alone. A council person from Morristown was there to plea her case to the County.

Another town in the running is Madison, WI.

It will be interesting to see which hometown wins out. Stay Tuned.