Tuesday, June 23, 2009

iPhone 3Gs Review

iPhone 3Gs Review.

It's very simple, the iPhone I had was the original one. Which meant I couldn't utilize 3G. So my review is easy, if you don't have an iPhone or only have a non-3G iPhone, I would recommend getting the 3Gs. There are countless features I can now take advantage of especially speed. The 3Gs operates much quicker and faster than my original one in every aspect. This is most useful when using Google Maps which essentially works as good as a GPS now.

Some very cool features that are greatly improving my iPhone usage.

Voice Command - This is a huge help when wanting to call someone in the car (or really do anything iPhone related)

Shake to Shuffle - very cool that you can shake the phone to shuffle to the next song instead of launching the iPod app, etc...

Voice Memos & Video Capture - These are huge additions. I used to use an app for Voice Memos but it was so complicated. The video capturing is a great reason to upgrade. Although I haven't done a ton of "editing" on the iPhone, it's a great feature that was also added. It's very nice to trim scenes you shoot.

Compass - is Fun

There are some very cool things coming soon as well like the "bump" feature where you can just bump another persons iPhone to share info via Bluetooth. As well as the pics in SMS messaging.

So just as I stated in my first paragraph. If you don't have a 3G iPhone, it's worth the upgrade.