Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Guest Ring Announcer and Guest Commissioner

I had the opportunity to guest Ring Announce the other evening for D2W Professional Wrestling.  These guys put on a great show.  It was a 9/11 fundraiser benefitting a classmate who lost his life during 9/11.  All proceeds go to the Friends of Marty.
But not only was I the ring announcer, I was also appointed guest Commissioner !!!
So when D2W 2-Time World Champion, William Alexander Samuel Palmer (WASP) came out and accosted me for not having him scheduled that evening, I was quick to improvise.  The Massive Fan Favorite and quite large and impressive, Jersey Devil, was also free of a match.  With my guest-commissioner super powers I made the match.  Devil vs. WASP for the title.
Unfortunately, WASP managed to get himself disqualified.  The D2W Rulebook clearly states; the title can not change hands on a DQ.  Watch out next time Mr. Palmer !!!!

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