Monday, April 6, 2009

How's it going?

The business of life has been unbelievable. Like many of us, I'm just trying to keep work moving. Things have slowed down a lot in the marketing and advertising business as they have everywhere else. I notice nowadays you have to work that much harder for less lucrative projects and scenarios.

As well, I've gotten involved in my local town and have been either attending meetings, volunteering, campaigning or just supporting something every day of the week.

Then on top of that "Hometown Tales" has been really busy as well. More requests for shows, more email than ever and even a lot of sponsorship interest. The only problem is both Bryan and I have been so busy. Bryan has a blossoming family with kids that just keep growing.

I do have a wife as well they oddly enough still enjoys my company. I'm looking forward to finally just having some good ole' fashion fun. Hopefully this summer.

Of course, all that being said - Life is still fun.

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